385 Hatch Patterns for AutoCAD, ADT, ACA and LT

CompugraphX has been in business since 1986 and an Autodesk Registered Developer for over 25 years. We are proud to offer version 11 of the 100 Plus Hatch Pattern Library for use with AutoCAD Release 14 through AutoCAD 2015 and all versions of AutoCAD LT. The library contains 385 patterns that are created with a high degree of accuracy and offered at an affordable price.

The patterns are supplied as 385 separate .PAT files for use with custom applications including the new AutoCAD Design Center and Tool Palettes options supplied with AutoCAD.  A partial menu is included with the program and a slide library is provided for easy viewing of the hatch patterns. The 20 bonus hatch patterns that are supplied with version 11 are similar to patterns found in ISO-710-3. The bonus patterns are not shown in the Compugraphx menu, but are shown in the one supplied with the AutoCAD program.

The library contains a variety of architectural, geologic and various other hatch patterns.  Included with the program are five AutoCAD drawings and also a PDF file that depict all of the 385 hatch patterns.  The program is supplied via email and is priced at only $79. The program may be ordered directly from Technology's Edge @ 949-474-9533 or by email to: sales@techedge.com.

Technology's Edge www.techedge.com accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit cards or PayPal for payment. To download a PDF form to order by Fax or Mail click here .

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